Indah Events is a premier event tipi rental company that caters to weddings, corporate events, and festivals that are looking to set themselves apart from the ordinary with a spectacular event tent.  We are the exclusive provider of Tentipi products on the East Coast and are based out of Charleston, South Carolina. 


Wedding Tipi Event Tents Lit Up at Night

Basic Lighting Package

Our basic lighting package includes LED par up lights for each tent that are dimmable and programmable to the color of your choice. This uplighting provides nice, basic lighting that may be complimented with any other lighting of your choice such as cafe or string lighting. 

Cafe Lighting Package

Our cafe lighting package consists of cafe style string lights that can be strung in a circular configuration around the interior cross poles or can be criss crossed across the interior of the tent. 

Photo Courtesy of  Indie House Events  and Brian Fitzsimmons

Photo Courtesy of Indie House Events and Brian Fitzsimmons

String Lights Perimeter Package

Small, battery powered, LED string lights that are attached along the edge of the raised sides of the tent. These can also be wrapped around the poles.

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